!st Place Digital Art & Medci Circle Best of Show
With the rise in popularity in braiding, other cultures began to consider this as a highly desirable beauty trend. In doing this, many of these people disregarded the history of black hair and braiding. The lack of understanding and respect for the culture and even the basic history of cornrows resulted in inappropriate cultural appropriation, rather than behavior derived from respect for others. When it comes to cultural appropriation no one does it better than the Kardashians. These culture vultures are known to pick and choose from the black culture without giving credit or acknowledgment to the culture itself. And because of their social popularity, it gives them the platform to claim these hairstyles, and even changing their original names. By doing so, they are completely ignoring the significance of black culture. This is what my video is further describing. why black women have to deal with the negative connotations that come along with wearing natural hairstyles, while when a white model or celebrity wears it, it is seen as acceptable and fashionable, further erasing the cultural and historical origins of that style. It is whitifying the black culture while reducing it to a beauty trend.
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